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reZolv Skincare | How reZolve works
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reZolve Skincare works in harmony with your Skin

How reZolve helps with Marks

Pimples & break-outs rupture the skin to open and, depending on your skin tone, can leave red or brown marks. These marks can sometimes fade out naturally with time or if the break-outs are more persistent they tend to weaken the skin over time and leave traces. Many products have been used to fade and bleach the marks away – leaving the skin dry and coarse.  Especially if break-outs continue, these fade out products can have a long term damaging effect on the skin.

ReZolve Scars & Mark Healer works on the 2 concerns (red and brown marks and scars) helping repair the damages caused by pimples & Acne break-outs. Red/brown & marks are treated and the skin tone evens out by using Rutin & Bioflavanoids that repair the skin tone. Helping heal the damaged skin from red or brown marks (without any harsh drying effects or flakiness – no hydraquinione or bleach ingredients), your skin tone evens out & the red and brown marks disappear – naturally! In addition your skin will feel softer, more supple and stronger against further up-coming damages from any break-outs.

How reZolve helps with Scars

Acne induced scars are caused by persistent and usually overlapping cases of inflammatory acne outbreaks which affect the same skin area. Such severe inflammations may lead to a suppression of natural healing processes of the skin and the creation of damages in form of fibrous scar tissue. White blood cells that agglomerate at the inflammation site produce inflammatory molecules, super-oxides and free radicals that not only neutralize bacteria, but also may further spread the inflammation and thus the production of damaged scar tissue, leading to permanent Acne scars.

Acne induced scars may appear as depressed (pitted) or raised (keloid) scars. Depressed scars or are the most common type of scarring and can be further subdivided into icepick scars, boxcar scars and rolling scars.

ReZolve Marks & Scar Healer supports the skin where it can’t keep up the natural healing processes on it’s own. Scars are repaired by the Lipids & Carbohydrates that help your skin to naturally re-grow.