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reZolv Skincare | I reZolve Challenge
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Take the I “ReZolve” Challenge!

Share your results and how quickly YOU reZolv’D your ACNE!

We are so confident that our formulations will help to “reZolvE” your scar issue! We offer you to become part of our success story and share your experience with our products!

What are the benefits for you?

By becoming an I “reZolvE” Challenger, you will take part of a specially designed assist program which delivers you all the products you need to get rid of your scars for 6 months at 50% of the regular price. Plus you get special customer service from us on how to use our products. We will make sure you’re going to be scar free soon!

What is your part of the deal?

Be in close contact with us, tell us your progress and how you feel, and send at least every month a photo of your scar area to us. We would like to use your progress as part of our success story on our website. All information will be anonymized and also photos will be handled in a way that no one will recognize you if you tell us to do so.

Who can become an I “reZolve“ Challenger?

In general, everyone that has an scar problem and wants to finally solve it, is invited to become a “Challenger”. If you are younger than 18 years, we need your parents to get in contact with us and be the official challenger on behalf of you.

How can you become an I “reZolve“ Challenger?

Pretty simple!! Go to our “Contact Us” page and write us that you want to become a “Challenger”. We will contact you soon if you are chosen. Don’t forget to give us a phone number or an email so we can reach out to you! Be aware that the number of participation is limited, but since reZolvE Skincare works, new spots will open soon!